Do you have the same problems in language education? In COMMENTARY: YOU’RE NOT STUDYING, YOU’RE JUST…, Ravi Purushotma puts forward an idea that educators should embrace and modify entertainment-focused media forms in language education. In order to illustrate and support his opinion, the author takes his own language learning experience, in which he took great advantages of […]

Getting started: Building a learning community online

Now is an exciting part of the semester: we’ve gotten off to a good start and are ready to explore the world of new literacies and language learning. As Graham Stanley points out in his book Language Learning with Technology, for online learning to work effectively, it’s important to build the right kind of supportive […]

Blogging and language learning

Blogs can provide teachers and learners with a tool that is very easy to set up and that provides a space where they can interact and practise language use. Considering blogs in education generally, Will Richardson points out that blogging means linking to content, analyzing and synthesizing that content, and writing for real readers, with […]

A fresh start: building an online community

For many people, an essential component of learning is ‘community’. That’s certainly the case for John Green, who presented a talk at TEDxIndianapolis entitled ‘The nerd’s guide to learning everything online‘. He describes how YouTube videos have enabled him to engage in a learning community, which has encouraged him ‘to continue to be a learner […]

Blogs in language education

According to Rebecca Blood, the weblog (or ‘blog’ for short) is the first ‘native’ genre of the internet (follow this link if you want to see a good video of what blogging is all about). If you think about it, blogs fundamentally change the way that we read and write. They provide people with the […]