A fun way? Learning through Digital Multimodal Composing (DMC)

By Ariel, Erin, Phyllis, Stefanie. “There are things I feel shy and difficult to speak directly about with English … Video production allowed me to accompany my on-screen narration with my favourite music. This make me feel more comfortable about English speaking …” (a student’s reflection on a DMC programme) Image Credit: cdd20 Pixabay License Do you encounter similar problems to this […]

A New Approach to Language Learning — Digital Multimodal Composing

Edited by Winnie, Charlene, Pesy & Rachel Have you ever tried to make a video or audio with your classmates in English classes? What impression did these experiences give you? This type of class participation activities in the field of digital multimodal composing (DMC) has drawn attention in language teaching and there has been a […]