Mobile Learning: Small Devices, Big Issues

By Flora, Coco, Manty, and Olivia   Source: Due to the skyrocketing development in IT, learning in the 21st century is not restrained in a fixed geographical location any longer. As the video shows, mobile learning has taken place in and out of the classroom. It is time to embrace mobile learning in our life! […]


Post by Brenda, Lily, Julie and Phoebe Introduction Technology‐mediated Language teaching at distance is now geographically widespread around the world as a well-established means of extending access and opportunities to language learners in both public and private settings. The feature of all forms of distance language teaching are that teachers and learners are physically separated, […]

Mobile Learning- Small Devices, Big Issues

Edited by Bella, Catherine, Evelyn, Fay Do you own a mobile phone? Of course you do! What do you normally do with it? Checking your idol’s social media page, or stalking your ex to see whether he/she is doing better than you? LOL, just kidding. What we really want to ask is if you have […]