Role of Concordancers in ESL Academic Writing

Edited by Fannie, Gladys and Ivory INTRODUCTION Have you ever experienced any difficulties when composing a piece of academic writing in English? It is an experience that almost every L2 writer has come across. Concordancing may be one of the resources to provide writing assistance to us. Concordancing is a widespread online reference resource which […]

Learning with Your APPs

Edited by Celia, Iris, Lucy and Pat How many apps (applications) do you have on your phone? What are these apps for? How do you categorize them? How many of them are related to learning? Nowadays, there is an app for just about anything — be it for federal government agencies or your local bakery. […]

Going to the MALL: Mobile Assisted Language Learning

Edited by Joyce and Moon What do you think about mobile phones? Do you use it for communication and entertainment, or does it facilitate you in other fields too? The use of technologies in education and training is far from new. This blog post discusses the emerging MALL by using the article of  Chinnery, G.M (2006). Introduction […]

The Effects of Digital Game Play on Willingness to Communicate

Edited by Emma, Jennifer, Jean, Mandy As the beneficiaries of the information technology era, we simply cannot deny how much technology has improved our lives. Technology is everywhere and in everything. Even in education, we have benefited a lot from computers and other devices. Digital games, a product of new technology, also play an important […]

Digital Gaming and Second Language Learning

Edited by Carmen, Ivy, Sarah and Sophia Song Are the music and icon familiar to you? Congratulations! You are in line with millions of players around the world. Digital games have become increasingly popular among the young generation these days. Integrating L2 gaming into foreign language learning has aroused public interest and provoked discussion among […]

Mobile Learning — Small Devices, Big Issues

Edited by: Fiona, Lissie, Dallas What is “Mobile learning” ? People being allowed to gain knowledge, skills and experience through a mobile interaction with technology, beyond the limitation of contexts, is called “mobile learning”. Figure 1. Mobile devices for learning One most important issue of mobile learning is about the “ mobility” augmented by personal […]


A few years ago, the most exciting thing we could do with our mobile phones was to download a ringtone. However, the development of new technology has made a vast array of apps (applications) is made readily available for iPhone or Android phone users. This phenomenon has led to tremendous interest in Mobile learning (m-learning) […]

Multimodal Composition: Words, Audio and Video

Have you ever finished a composition assignment using digital tools like sound recorders or cameras? Or have you ever assigned an audio documentary or a video adaptation of some plays? In our English class, everything can become possible. In the study of Selfe and Wright’s (2007) Words, audio and video: Composing and the processes of […]