Welcome to My Cool Website — the Combination of CMC and EFL Learning

By Christine, Heidi, Carina and Sophia. Almon, a teenager emigrating from Hong Kong to the United States, was quite desperate about English learning in the beginning and had little hope for his future as poor English proficiency means few job opportunities. However, only after about one year, Almon had made great progress in English and became much more […]

Translanguaging in Facebook: What have we learnt from a student in Serbia?

Conducted by Warren, Samson, Charlotte and Connor Summary Introduction “I am what I am, no matter what language I speak,” the words were told by a hip-hop artist named Aleksandar, a student of a Serbian university, whose multilingual posts on Facebook and translingual attitude drew Schreiber’s attention. Schreiber (2015) investigated how Aleksandar used multiple linguistic […]

Teachers’ Self-initiated Professional Learning Through PLNs

Introduction to Personal Learning Networks As a possible ESL teacher in the future, have you noticed that our everyday life is increasingly mediated by technologies and so is our classroom? More and more online applications like Canvas are being used and at the same time videos, images, or useful links are more often seen during […]

Commenting on YouTube Videos to Learn

By Daniel, Tiffany, Lyla, and Vanessa Source of video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSZf4gxlmXw Please click the hyperlink above and skim through the comments. How many languages could you identify in the comments? Did you pick up something from the comments? Do you think these netizens also picked up something through commenting? Looking at these video comments, you can […]