Commenting on YouTube Videos to Learn

By Daniel, Tiffany, Lyla, and Vanessa Source of video: Please click the hyperlink above and skim through the comments. How many languages could you identify in the comments? Did you pick up something from the comments? Do you think these netizens also picked up something through commenting? Looking at these video comments, you can […]

Mobile Assisted Language Learning

Authors: Scarlett, Fiona, Thomas The proliferation of mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones in many countries, as well as a growing number of language learning applications that run on such devices, has made mobile learning a more compelling study option for L2 students in recent years. Research into ‘Mobile Assisted Language Learning’ (MALL) […]

Digital Game-based Language Learning

The emergence of digital games has elevated game-based language learning to a new level. Recently the role of digital games in language learning has aroused the attention of both language researchers and game designers who put effort into providing appropriate pedagogical support to maximize learning in gaming environments. A study of the relationship between digital […]

Popular Media Forms in Language Learning

Purushotma’s (2005) paper argues how important the new term “edutainment” is to educators teaching adolescent students. It has been largely explored to achieve educational goals within entertainment content (e.g.: the applications of online games, music videos, typing tutors, etc.). The author provides a case from her own experience of language learning. With the memorization of […]